September 2018 Estate Message

Invitation for Trusted Visitor vs. Service Provider/Contractor via our Web Portal

When using our mobile phone ‘app’/web portal to invite someone, for numerous reasons including your own peace of mind PLEASE use only the Contractor section to invite a service provider or contractor, i.e. THEY MAY NOT USE THE KEYPAD FOR ESTATE ENTRY OR EXIT.  Consider for a moment how Security is supposed to keep track of the number of staff, labourers etc. entering and exiting your Estate if these vehicles can just drive in and out without due process.  If you don’t know your contractor or service provider’s email address, simply send the invitation to yourself and forward to the relevant party.  Not only does the contents of the email they receive ‘protect’ you against the inevitable “but I didn’t know” argument when the service provider breaks one of our Estate Rules etc. and the HOA penalises you for same, but the email also lists important information like permitted hours of work, requirement for paint swatches if painting etc.

Tech Trustee – General Draft Security Feedback/Opinion Piece

We have been trying to increase our IT security and create more security awareness of late. This will assist in keeping our residents’ (and their friends/families etc.) private data protected on day to day estate tasks and during our new security upgrade by holding the security upgrade company accountable and annoyingly provided security requirements to them as we see fit. This gives our new security system an edge over other estates and should put us in good stead to avoid problems in the future.
We had a resident with a security breach through their Facebook account (which is very common these days) and provided some of the below recommendations that we share with those interested in this newsletter.
The link below is an “opinion piece” with some IT security tips / info that could assist in keeping our community digitally safer, and provide some feedback on the above breach and some of what we are implementing.

Entrance Gate Repairs

We appreciate the silver/galvanising spray on our 18 vehicular gates is in stark contrast to our Precinct’s permitted paint palette, but we request residents bear with us whilst we undertake the necessary maintenance and repairs to them.

Severe Erosion

It’s a strict requirement of our Precinct’s architectural design guidelines that swimming pool backwash and storm & rain water remain wholly on one’s property, i.e. water may not discharge into the road or through one’s boundary wall or fence. In 2014 we had to remove and replace approx. 80m of the east facing Blouberg Hills perimeter fence which was falling over due to a combination of soil erosion (as a result of stormwater exiting some properties on that side) and residents’ gardens leaning against the steel fence panels, i.e. being used as a retaining structure. A recent perimeter inspection by the Building and Environment Portfolio has noted not only an alarming number of estate perimeter homes’ gardens, paving etc. again ‘leaning against’ our steel palisade fence panels, but also numerous cases of pool, storm and rain water exiting perimeter properties and causing severe erosion … to the extent that in many cases the entire depth of our concrete anti-dig protection is exposed! Many properties which were previously compliant (i.e. have on site stormwater soakaways for their downpipes from their roofs etc.), have now fallen foul of this Rule because of overflows from their rainwater harvesting tanks. Because of the severity of these issues the HOA will shortly have to distribute letters to all the non-compliant perimeter properties, unfortunately with a very short timeframe for rectification, i.e. we highly recommend that if you’re one of the owners of our 87 perimeter properties, you urgently have a look not only through your fence to confirm your water runoff is not exiting through it, but also check if you have anything at all against our perimeter fence panels … and commence ‘repairs’ asap, incl. replacing the sand you’ve inadvertently washed away outside the fence.

RFID Windscreen Tags/Stickers, Tailgating etc.

Your Board of Trustees is very pleased to announce that this installation has not only been a huge success but also well received (loved actually!) by residents, i.e. we’ve no regrets whatsoever choosing this for you over the original licence plate recognition system. Although more costly, it’s proven itself much more reliable and stable. We’re in the process of fine-tuning the system because despite the fact that it utilises a powerful long range reader (mounted on the wall), unfortunately we have to ‘tone it down’ to only read within 1 vehicle’s length, otherwise residents will be opening the gate for the likes of refuse removal trucks etc. waiting in front of them. We’ve taken cognizance of requests to reduce the ‘stay open’ time of gates to discourage potential tailgating, however until residents get to know the system better they are unsure whether or not their tag has been read, i.e. we’d hate for the gate to close on a vehicle! We’re fervently investigating ways (other than the small blue light on the bottom of the reader and the beep it emits) to let you know your windscreen tag has been read! The HOA has learnt much about various makes of vehicles and their windscreens whilst installing these tags/stickers for residents and Lesley has been entertained watching Markus squeeze into the odd Mini (car, not skirt)! Again, please be advised that these tags/stickers for residents (only) will only be free until 17h00 on Fri. 5th Oct. 2018.

Trespassing at Estate Borehole Installations

Parents please advise your children to stay away from the Estate’s borehole tanks and installations! Not only is it dangerous to ‘play’ here, but messing with switches, taps etc. can be catastrophic to the entire installation and irrigation system and the HOA won’t hesitate to hold culprits liable for damages.


Please keep your eyes open for notification/s being sent out from our Managing Agent regarding your upcoming AGM.


HOA Estate Office (Markus & Lesley) – (021) 554 0865
Security Control Room (24/7) – (021) 554 1430
HOA Administrators (Cape Classic) – (021) 702 4489

Table Talk/Tygerburger

Every Wednesday, the above-mentioned periodicals are delivered to the 3 gate houses. Please remember to ask security for same BEFORE placing your finger on the finger print reader, otherwise the gates will start closing on your vehicle.

Advertising in our Monthly Estate Newsletter

If you are interested and/or would like to advertise in our monthly Estate Newsletter (discount provided for residents), please contact Lesley at the Estate Office (bigbay