October 2018 Estate Message

Status and Outlook for Big Bay Beach

Below on behalf of BBMPOA Chairman following a discussion held between Kerr Robinson (Big Bay MPOA Manager) and the Head of Coastal Management for the City of Cape Town, Howard Gold.  Feedback is based on their direct observations at the beach; on what Howard specifically said; and on Kerr’s interpretation or inferences drawn (i.e. Point 6).

I met with Howard Gold earlier this afternoon and the following are the salient points from our discussion:

  1. They are currently building steps down to the beach at the north/west corner of the Life Savers Clubhouse.  The gradient is very steep which will result in a steep flight of steps from the existing platform down to the bottom of the scarp and on to the beach. Howard has requested that the last step be laid flush with the beach to make provision for future wash-away of sand that could result in too great a step-down from the penultimate step.
  2. They have already graded the scarp away at the kite surfers circle walk-way to create a full sand walk-way down on to the beach, so no planking will be used there.  Howard is happy that the gradient of the new sand walk-way is reasonable but will monitor any erosion/subsidence closely.
  3. The planking material assigned to that walk-way will now be used to re-open the centre walkway where the gradient is steeper.  There is a concern that there may not be enough planking to cover the entire distance from the current platform down to the beach, so there may be a small stretch of stable, open sand between the current platform and the start of the rebuilt wooden walk-way/steps down to the beach.
  4. Once this work is complete, there will be no further budget available for infrastructure on our beach until the next budget cycle and even then there is little likelihood of getting appreciable further budget voted as Coastal Management have recently launched three new similar projects elsewhere.
  5. Howard states that the recent PRDW Port & Coastal Engineering Consultancy study on wave patterns in our area has little bearing on the work that is currently happening on our beach, and is likely to happen in the foreseeable future.  In a nutshell the very technical PRDW Report basically states that ‘there will be accretion and there will be erosion…but not necessarily in that order’ – it’s an unprecedented situation with so many variables that it’s an ‘educated’ guess at best.
  6. Consequently it sounds like the Department’s strategy will be to let nature take its course for the next few years.  In the meantime we have a very useable beach and a scarp that will keep the majority of people off the sensitive central beach dune vegetation.
  7. It’s very unlikely that the Department would ever build a solid wall promenade à la Sea Point/Mouille Point as this would result in the loss of our beach: The ‘rebound’ off the unyielding wall would eventually wash away the underlying sand allowing the sea to encroach and dam-up against the wall.  It would also cost hundreds of millions of Rands to build.  The most likely ‘solution’ would be a continuation northwards of our existing gabion line which is not as unyielding as a solid wall.
  8. By its own admission, Coastal Management has limited resources and a number of new hot-spots, like Big Bay, that they need to attend to urgently.  Consequently I believe that we will not see any heavy City investment in our beach for the next few years and that the City will let nature take its course.’


By now you would’ve received e-mails from our Managing Agent regarding your upcoming AGM, which will take place at 18h00 on Thursday, 15 November 2018 at the Big Bay Lifesaving Club.  Drinks and snacks will be provided.

Builder’s Holiday – December 2018 & January 2019

‘Builder’s Holiday’ on the estate is as per the Master Builders Association, so unless speedy emergency repairs are required (prior approval granted by the Estate Office!), all contractors will be denied entry from 17h30 Thurs. 13th Dec. 2018 – 07h00 Monday 14th January 2019. No large deliveries (sand, stone, bricks etc.) will be permitted access to the estate after Friday 7th December 2018.

A maximum of 2 Handymen (defined as: “any resident, or person directly employed by a resident <max. 2 non-residents> for the purposes of small, unobtrusive <possibly emergency> maintenance work within the boundaries of the resident’s property only”) will be permitted during the above-mentioned contractor’s/builder’s holiday.

In the event the proposed Handyman work might cause noise or nuisance, neighbours’ consent will be required before commencing, confirmed and agreed to in writing by the Estate Office in advance of proceeding.

Guy Fawkes – Monday, 5th November 2018

Residents are encouraged to keep their pets indoors where possible in order to lessen the acute discomfort and terror that some of our friends suffer when fireworks are discharged.

If you have to leave your home on Guy Fawkes, please ensure your pets are safely secured, in familiar surroundings and out of harm’s way. Your Estate Rules notwithstanding, it is also illegal to discharge fireworks other than in designated areas; please consult www.capetown.gov.za for details of the approved sites <if any> in our area.

Any illegally discharged fireworks may be reported to the Metro Police Control Centre on 0860 765 423 or the SAPS Emergency Control Centre on 10111.

Incorrect Visitor Register Manager/Web Portal use

Your Security Portfolio is concerned about the number of residents incorrectly issuing their staff/employees, contractors/service providers with codes for keypad use, by mistakenly choosing the first <Trusted Visitor> option on our Web Portal.  Staff/Employees must be loaded on the Biometric/Fingerprint system via the Estate Office and Contractors/Service Providers must PLEASE be issued QR Codes, by choosing the second <Contractor> option on our Web Portal.  Use of the keypad for a contractor/service provider makes it impossible for security to count the number of passengers in the vehicle and confirm the same number upon exit, i.e. we have no idea if anyone is staying behind/hiding on the Estate!

Security Access Control & Gatehouse Upgrade Progress

Baring a few touch-ups, your Board of Trustees is VERY pleased to announce the completion of not only our Gatehouse additions and renovations but also our Access Control Installations.  We cannot thank our residents enough for their patience and understanding during this rather long-winded process; hopefully to be totally wrapped up soon with the painting of our gates!

Sandown 2 Borehole

We regret to advise our Sandown 2 residents that they may notice dry grass and a few floundering plants in the next 3 weeks, not only in their park but also at their entrance and on Big Bay Boulevard!  We are attempting to make alternate arrangements for manual watering.  Unfortunately our previously gushing borehole has ‘collapsed’ below causing the entire casing to drop, i.e. without warning we were suddenly pumping more sand and bits of shell than water and have had to shut it down.  It’s during emergencies like these that we appreciate the importance of our Reserve Fund.


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Security Control Room (24/7) – (021) 554 1430
HOA Administrators (Cape Classic) – (021) 702 4489

Table Talk/Tygerburger

Every Wednesday, the above-mentioned periodicals are delivered to the 3 gate houses. Please remember to ask security for same BEFORE placing your finger on the finger print reader, otherwise the gates will start closing on your vehicle.

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