July 2018 Estate Message


Sterling Construction has achieved practical completion on our 4 ‘Porte Cocheres’ but two or three of their staff will still be seen on site attending to snags to achieve final completion.  We are in receipt of our cobble paving and 10yr roof sheeting guarantees, but still await our ‘Occupation Certificates’ from the City of Cape Town/TDA.  Your Board of Trustees wishes to thank all residents for their immense patience during this 7 month process, which unfortunately took longer than anticipated due to the extensive integration required with your new Security Access Control systems.

Speaking of which: After a few weeks of rigorous testing the Board of Trustees was not convinced the Licence Plate Recognition (LPR) system would successfully meet your needs; so acting in the best interests of our Members we instead opted to go the more expensive route of an RFID system similar to Dune Ridge, i.e. a Wi-Fi reader above the exit and residents entrance lanes only (NOT the visitors lane), which will scan a tamper proof tag affixed <predominantly> to the windscreen of your vehicle/s and automatically open the gate, i.e. no more having to stick your hand out the window … unless you use the visitors lane for entry.

Unfortunately rejecting the LPR system and awaiting clearance of the new system through Customs means that in the meantime residents have to use their fingerprint to enter and exit their Estate.  We had to remove the old access card system to facilitate the installation of new power skirting in the guardhouses, incl. extensive tidying up and housekeeping of CCTV, electric fence, IR beam cabling etc, in order to obtain our Electrical Compliance Certificates.  Fortunately we’ve had a very successful biometric take-on process, even for residents who normally have ‘difficult’ fingerprints elsewhere.  If any residents (only, i.e. not VIP’s etc.) experience repeated difficulty at the readers, there are alternate means of access available to them via the HOA/Estate Office in the meantime, i.e. until installation of the above-mentioned RFID system.

PLEASE advise your VIP visitor, au pair, dog walker/sitter, shuttle service, or office staff (for business from home) loaded on the biometric system that they may only use the visitors lane/reader for entry.  Live out domestics and gardeners are limited to turnstiles unless you request otherwise in writing from the HOA, e.g. for purposes of cycling, pushing a pram, carrying shopping etc. in which case they can also be granted access via the visitors lane (and turnstile) only.

The Visitor Register (VR) App to grant friends, short term contractors etc. access (which the Board has also been testing on your behalf) will be ‘launched’ to your good selves by Fri. 10th Aug, in advance of which we will email you the download and usage procedures, along with your User ID and Password, the latter of which you can change with the HOA at any time.

If you experience any technical difficulties with which Lesley and Markus are unable to help over the phone or in the HOA office during work hours, our way more knowledgeable IT Portfolio Trustee (Rory Sales) will be on the Sandown North/1 Park between the hours of 10h00 & 12h00 on Sat. 18th Aug. to assist with any queries.  If you haven’t downloaded the app to your mobile phone by then please ensure you have approx. 40MB data available on the day.  It’s a web based app, i.e. can also be loaded on/accessed via your tablet, laptop, PC etc.  We’re VERY confident this will simplify access for whomever you wish to grant entry to your estate/home, by taking the need away from gatehouse security to confirm access via a telephone call to you!


Although FTTH will be ‘live’ on Blouberg Hills Estate before then (i.e. you can apply via the Octotel website now already), on Sat. 18th Aug, 10h00-14h00 in the Sandown North/1 park, there will not only be the opportunity for Blouberg Hills residents to ask ‘fibre questions’ to their heart’s content and browse the various options <tents> available by numerous ISP’s (Internet Service Providers), but Sandown Estate residents as well … because as we currently stand, the ‘minute’ Octotel’s installation is signed off by the HOA as acceptable on Blouberg Hills Estate they will move over Cormorant Ave. to start trenching etc. on Sandown Estate.

Yellow Pages

If interested, please collect your copy of the Yellow Pages from one of the guardhouses. Any remaining books will be removed for recycling on Monday, 13 August 2018.

Contemplating Renovations? 

If you are contemplating making any alterations or renovations on your property, before proceeding with your project, please contact the Estate Manager first in order to eliminate any possible deviations from the Rules and Architectural Design Guidelines, which could ultimately result in you not being able to obtain a Completion Certificate from the Estate at the end of your project. To do any alterations, you are required to submit a plan to the HOA for approval, as all houses on the Estate need to comply with the overall guidelines for the Big Bay Precinct and the stringent requirements of the local authority.

Non-Potable Water Signage (repeat article)

The HOA recently designed and purchased attractive 150x150mm (i.e. small) “Non-potable water in use. Do not drink!” signage for residents using ‘alternate’ water on their properties.  Please contact the HOA for yours asap, thereby saving us from writing letters reminding residents of Clause 6.0 a) (i) of the Estate Rules which reads “Unless supplied by the HOA and/or approved in writing by the HOA in advance of installation or display, no signage or advertising is permitted on any plot, house or common or public property“.  Please be advised that this rule ALSO applies to the armed response etc. signage/boards on numerous residents’ walls, i.e. if you have any visible please be sure to remove them asap…

Palisade Fences

Please be reminded that only certain types of screening are permitted to be attached to palisade fences within boundary walls, e.g. Blue-gum ‘latte’, wire mesh, bricks, pallets, bamboo etc. is/are NOT PERMITTED. In the event your pets are escaping, or your plants don’t provide sufficient privacy through the palisade requirement in your wall/s, by all means contact the Estate Office with your screening query and/or proposal.


In line with our improved access control procedures, the HOA will shortly start locking the Security Guardhouse doors at regular intervals, for total lockdown (no more pedestrian thoroughfare!) by the last week of Aug. 2018… at which point domestics, gardeners etc. can ONLY gain access to the Estate via the turnstiles because their Photo ID Cards will be destroyed.  In order for your staff/employee/s to gain access to your home PLEASE complete the “Resident’s Staff Fingerprint Access Application” form emailed by our administrators Cape Classic on Fri. 18th May 2018, failing which it can be found in ‘Home Owners Documents’ under the ‘Residents’ tab on our website http://bigbayhoa.co.za.www2.cpt3.host-h.net/


Except for noise and/or barking dog complaints, we implore residents to report ANY AND ALL security concerns to the Security Control Room on 021 554 1430 and/or the HOA as soon as possible so we can investigate it and discipline or penalise accordingly … preferably via email for accountability and record purposes, failing which by WhatsApp to Markus on 073 458 4718, who will respond during office hours.  We’d love residents to assist by also being our eyes and ears, so nothing falls through the cracks and perpetrators or regular chancers learn the hard way that they will be held accountable for their actions!  By ‘any and all’ we also refer to residents and/or visitors tailgating, a security officer with a mobile phone or listening to music, someone driving around ‘aimlessly’, contractors or service providers walking around on the estate, an unmanned security guardhouse etc.  Noise and barking dog complaints may only be reported to the above-mentioned Security Control Room, failing which local Law Enforcement, i.e. will unfortunately not be responded to via messaging.


HOA Estate Office (Markus & Lesley) – (021) 554 0865
Security Control Room (24/7) – (021) 554 1430
HOA Administrators (Cape Classic) – (021) 702 4489

Table Talk/Tygerburger

Every Wednesday, the above-mentioned periodicals are delivered to the 3 gate houses. Please remember to ask security for same BEFORE placing your finger on the finger print reader, otherwise the gates will start closing on your vehicle.

Advertising in our Monthly Estate Newsletter

If you are interested and/or would like to advertise in our monthly Estate Newsletter (discount provided for residents), please contact Lesley at the Estate Office (bigbay info@telkomsa.net)