January 2019 Estate Message

Creepy Crawly Cockroaches

Cockroaches have been the bane of many a homeowner’s life for centuries. As masters of their craft, they excel at sending shivers down your spine and are one of the hardest pests to get rid of. Most homeowners and exterminators struggle to get rid of these little critters as they can survive under the harshest conditions.

The presence of cockroaches in your home can pose a serious health risk to you and your family. It has for instance been established that the presence of cockroaches in your home may induce asthma and cockroach waste may cause eczema or an allergic reaction in some people.

We offer some top tips on controlling these pests below.

Cockroaches are nocturnal, meaning that they are active at night in search of food. You might need to do a little sleuthing to find the source of your infestation. Generally, cockroaches hide in cracks and crevices around your house. They enter through drains or vents, preferring warm, humid areas such as kitchens as their prime infestation spot.

Sealing cracks, skirting boards, kitchen cupboard plinths and any other points cockroaches use to gain access will assist in getting rid of them.

The most effective way to exercise cockroach control is to prevent them from accessing food and water. Be sure to store food in sealed containers or in sealed plastic bags and clean food debris from under fridges and stoves and do not leave liquids standing overnight. Unfortunately this means either doing the dishes before going to bed or closing your dishwasher door tight if not full enough to run.

Clean all food waste and spillages immediately and keep refuse in a sealed bin. Be sure to disinfect kitchen surfaces as cockroaches are attracted to dirt and grime.

In the event cockroaches are entering via your drains, please contact the City of Cape Town on 0860 103 089, follow the prompts and select option 2 for stormwater/drains.

Christmas Décor Delights in the Estates

(Article by: Diana Sales obo The Social Committee)

The Christmas spirit started with our Christmas and End Year function, held in the Blouberg Hills Estate Park on the 24th of November 2018. What a fun day that was. Kids love the Jumping Castles, even the big kids, especially the big slide and then Father Christmas was a hit. Kids loved him and even went for hugs. How amazing to see that.

There were A LOT of presents to hand out. From small to even teenagers, all the kids got very spoilt with a gift. Thank you very much to our two Elf’s, Alexander and Olivia, who assisted our Father Christmas with the handing out.

The music was done via a Jukebox, which made that such a fun and interactive way of having a party.

Thank you also very much to our young adult helpers Cecelia, Cullen and Aileen who assisted with the hot dog stand for the kids and kept all safe on the jumping castles.

Then it was time to decorate. The estate entrances had each an amazing wreath up, and they looked stunning. The lights in entrance trees were just the start to some amazing decorated houses.

Thank you to all home owners that have put up Christmas decorations. It has created some fun competition amongst home owners, and excitement to add more lights and decorations.

Residence took great pleasure in driving and on foot to go around the estates to view the lights.

As mentioned in previous emails, there was a competition for the three best decorated houses. Thank you all those that have participated in voting.

You might have seen the notices of the winners, if not, here they are again:

Blouberg Hills Estate: 59 Restio Road

Sandown Estate 1: 8 Watsonia Crescent

Sandown Estate 2: 13 Leucadendron Lane

We appreciate the effort from all those home that have decorated their homes and brought the Christmas Spirit to our estates.

To be warned, the winners already have mentioned to go bigger this year. We cannot wait to see what they have planned for Christmas 2019 and we hope their Christmas Spirit will infect more home owners to have fun and enjoy this time.

Looking forward to seeing more light and decorations…the competition is on 😉

If anyone has any suggestions for any events or activities this year, please email us (social@bbrehoa.co.za) so that we can discuss this amongst the social team. If you wish to join the social team, please email us as well.

Thank you very much to our Board of Trustees and Estate Office Staff. They have done so much this past year (2018) to make our estate a truly amazing place to live at.

Non-Potable Water + Armed Response Signs/Boards

In order to phase out ‘illegal’ signage on our Estate, the HOA will be doing a walkabout and dropping off the attractive, approved HOA 150x150mm (i.e. small) “Non-potable water in use. Do not drink!” boards for residents displaying alternate signs to this affect. These HOA signs are R100.00 each and the cost thereof will be billed to the homeowner account for that property. PLEASE replace your illegal ‘alternate water’ signs with ours and also remove any/all armed response boards, failing which we will keep having to harass you to do this.

Please may we take this opportunity in reminding you of Clause 6.0 a) (i) of the Estate Rules which reads “Unless supplied by the HOA and/or approved in writing by the HOA in advance of installation or display, no signage or advertising is permitted on any plot, house or common or public property“.


HOA Estate Office (Markus & Lesley) – (021) 554 0865
Security Control Room (24/7) – (021) 554 1430
HOA Administrators (Cape Classic) – (021) 702 4489

Table Talk/Tygerburger

Every Wednesday, the above-mentioned periodicals are delivered to the 3 gate houses. If you would like a copy, please enter via the visitors lane only (before placing your finger print for the gate to open) and ask the security officer for your copy.

Advertising in our Monthly Estate Newsletter

If you are interested and/or would like to advertise in our monthly Estate Newsletter (discount provided for residents), please contact Lesley at the Estate Office(info@bbrehoa.co.za)