January 2018 Estate Message

Rainwater/Grey Water Tanks

Many thanks to the numerous Members who have queried the HOA’s requirements regarding not only rainwater or grey water tanks and pumps, but also the location of pumps, re-direction of existing downpipes from gutters etc.  Ostensibly these requirements are very similar to those for aircon units and swimming pool pumps, i.e:

  1. Obtain written consent from HOA for all proposed pump and tank location/s in advance of quotation already;
  2. Tank and/or pump may not be visible <above boundary/screen wall height> from any road or POS (Private/Public Open Space), eg. Through a gate, palisade fence etc;
  3. Tank colour must compliment the house and/or landscaping colour insofar as possible, e.g. No purple, orange etc. tanks;
  4. Where visible above boundary/screen wall height, all surface mounted pipes on walls must be secured perfectly horizontally and/or vertically and be professionally primed and painted to exactly match either colour of wall/surface behind or <if same profile/shape as downpipes> exactly match the colour of existing rainwater goods;
  5. Where not visible above boundary/screen wall height, surface mounted pipes may be angled/sloped and must be professionally primed and painted to exactly match either colour of wall/surface behind or <if same profile/shape as downpipes> exactly match the colour of existing rainwater goods;
  6. If your installation will be visible through a palisade fence or gate etc, before installation please contact the Estate Office for approved methods/means of screening you may affix to your fence.


Groundwater Users

Because of the drought conditions in Cape Town, many homeowners have installed boreholes to supplement their water supply. Whilst these are great initiatives we would like to inform you of the following based on our discussions with a professional consultant in the field: In terms of compliance with National Legislation in South Africa, there is still no need for permission to drill or register a borehole.

However, according to the National Water Act (Act 36 of 1998), one needs to register the water use depending on the intended use and abstraction volume.  In summary:


  • Schedule 1 Uses:  If groundwater is used for ‘reasonable domestic use in that person’s household’, ‘small gardening not for commercial purposes’ or ‘the watering of animals’ then there is no need to register.  Most home owners will fall into this category.
  • General Authorisations:  Limited water use is conditionally allowed without a license. Current General Authorisations are described in Government Notice 1191 of 8 October, 1999.
  • Water use licenses:  Used to control water that exceeds the limits imposed by Schedule 1 and General Authorisations. Water use licenses give existing or prospective water users formal authorisation to use water for productive or beneficial purposes.

In terms of City of Cape Town under Level 6 water restrictions, all boreholes and well points must be registered and ‘The use of borehole/wellpoint water for outdoor purposes, including watering/irrigating and filling/topping up of swimming pools, is strongly discouraged in order to preserve groundwater resources in the current dire drought situation. Borehole/wellpoint water should rather be used for toilet flushing.’  In addition, you must apply for a new borehole or wellpoint at least 14 days before they are sunk.

There are now almost 30 boreholes in Blouberg Hills and Sandown Estates.  Most of the shallow boreholes are abstracting groundwater from a primary aquifer with recharge from direct and localised rainfall, meaning that if it doesn’t rain, it won’t replenish.  Under the dry conditions and with the increasing high density of the well field, it is only a matter of time before we over abstract the aquifer meaning that we could impact one another’s boreholes and could ultimately dewater the aquifer.  In addition, over abstraction of the deeper boreholes could ultimately lead to sea water abstraction.

To better understand the nature of the groundwater abstraction in the Estates, the HOA will shortly distribute a <confidential> questionnaire/survey from the results of which we will undertake a professional evaluation and revert to respondents with the findings of same.

Gatehouse and Security Access Control Upgrades

Blouberg Hills residents will definitely have noticed commencement of the above-mentioned and we again apologise for the inconvenience, but the end result will be worthwhile. We have started to pay suppliers etc. so would appreciate timeous payment of the Special Levy from Members who are maybe waiting until the last minute, i.e. 31st Jan. 2018 and will of course keep residents advised regarding biometric/fingerprint take-on etc.



We’re all in this unfortunate boat and the Board of Trustees wishes to thank the many residents have spent lots of time and money converting their streetscapes to maintain the overall aesthetic of our Estate!  For those of you who haven’t taken the proverbial plunge (excuse the water puns!) PLEASE remember to submit your upgrade/conversion proposal sketches for your streetscape to the HOA for consideration well in advance of commencement, failing which remember to cover bare sand with bark or an approved water-wise ground cover, preferably before we need to send you a reminder letter.  If paving inside your property (behind walls) also please be reminded that in accordance with the Big Bay Precinct Design Guidelines, all storm and rain water must be contained on your property, i.e. may NOT discharge into the road or public open space (e.g. park, fynbos) or through your palisade fence even, if you’re one of the 87 properties on the estate perimeter.


HOA Estate Office (Markus & Lesley) – (021) 554 0865
Security Control Room (24/7) – (021) 554 1430
HOA Administrators (Cape Classic) – (021) 702 4489

Table Talk/Tygerburger/Easi Ads

Every Wednesday, the above-mentioned periodicals are delivered to the 3 gate houses. Please remember to ask security for same BEFORE you swipe your access card, otherwise the gates will start closing on your vehicle.

Advertising in our Monthly Estate Newsletter

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