February 2018 Estate Message


As much as we fear snakes, with their strange, slinky bodies and their sly and unsuspecting persona, we must remember that most often, they are more scared of us than we of them.

What to do if you find a snake in your home?

1. The first, and most important thing to do, is to leave the snake alone. A snake will not attack if not provoked. When a snake does attack, it’s more than likely that the snake found it necessary to defend itself. Do not lash out at the snake with violence, as more often than not, the snake is harmless to you.

2. Call an expert. As part of your list of emergency contact numbers on the fridge, include those of a conservation agency, snake handler, or the Cape of Good Hope SPCA Wildlife Unit (021 700 4158/9). These people are qualified to handle snakes and have the necessary tools and knowledge to do so. Security also has rudimentary snake handling training, failing which they will escalate to our Estate Manager who won’t mind assisting if in the area and you haven’t lost sight of the snake!!

3. Keep an eye on the snake from a safe distance, because if you lose sight of it the chances are good that even a professional won’t find it again.

4. If your pet gets bitten by a snake, it is as important to identify the type of snake as it is to seek veterinary treatment as quickly as possible.

Considering selling your home?

Please be reminded that in accordance with one’s Title Deeds, via. one’s transferring attorney/conveyor, the Deeds Office requires Consent to Transfer from the HOA upon sale. In a nutshell this means not only that all outstanding levies (and penalties in some instances!) need to be settled in full, but also that one’s property must comply with the Estate’s Rules, Architectural Design requirements and Approved Indigenous Plant List.

We advise Members to request a pre-inspection from the Estate Office when considering putting their property on the market. This advance inspection should ensure no costly delays upon transfer/sale, whilst we wait for the likes of a visible air-conditioner to be dropped, Bougainvillea (alien veg.) removed, ‘As Built’ drawings approved by HOA & CoCT, etc.


Painting externally?

PLEASE contact the Estate Office for the Approved Colour Range/Palette. Colours must be sandy/earthy/muted and matt (not gloss) finish.  Too light colours, off-whites, yellows, greens, greys etc. are prohibited.  Your contractor must provide a min. 1m x 1m sample panels of all preferred external colours timeously for HOA approval BEFORE PROCEEDING


YOUR Estate Rules

As we always tell Members who complain that the Estate Rules are too draconian, outdated, or indeed lenient, they are YOUR Estate Rules!  Please take the time to read through the 9½ pages thereof and if you’d like to see a rule or clause revised, by all means communicate your recommendation/s to the Estate Office, who will put your correspondence on the Agenda for the very next meeting of your Board of Trustees for consideration.

Gatehouse Extension Update (progress as @ Mon. 19 Feb. 2018)
Thank you to our Blouberg Hills Estate residents for your patience with the noise, dust and inconvenience entering and exiting your estate whilst Sterling Construction are in the process of upgrading your gatehouse with the 2 new flat roofs.

We guarantee the HOA is more ‘gatvol’ than you are and also cannot wait for them to finish by the end of this month and move over to the Sandown 2 gatehouse. The odd gate closure and inconvenience will still occur on and off again during the installation of the access control equipment incl. turnstile, keypads, intercoms and readers, but it will be well worth it and we’ll shortly liaise with residents regarding fingerprint take-on procedures for themselves, their domestics etc.


HOA Estate Office (Markus & Lesley) – (021) 554 0865
Security Control Room (24/7) – (021) 554 1430
HOA Administrators (Cape Classic) – (021) 702 4489

Table Talk/Tygerburger/Easi Ads

Every Wednesday, the above-mentioned periodicals are delivered to the 3 gate houses. Please remember to ask security for same BEFORE you swipe your access card, otherwise the gates will start closing on your vehicle.

Advertising in our Monthly Estate Newsletter

If you are interested and/or would like to advertise in our monthly Estate Newsletter (discount provided for residents), please contact Lesley at the Estate Office (bigbayinfo@telkomsa.net)