August 2018 Estate Message


Regrettably residents have been required to use the biometric readers for much longer than anticipated because the RFID windscreen tags/antennae received from China were ‘blank’ and have been couriered back there for programming.  Please keep a beady eye on your emails and Bulk SMS from us, because we’ll communicate immediately they’re back and ready to be issued!  For obvious security reasons please be advised that these are for residents only and that you need to arrive in/on the vehicle on which you’d like <us> to attach your tag, i.e. the only way a tag leaves the Estate Office is firmly stuck onto a car/motorbike.

The silver lining to the above delay in RFID implementation is that residents are now well versed on the correct placement of their finger on the biometric reader/scanner, when they need to use the Visitors Lane for whatever reason in future…

We’re pleased to advise that the next phase of our security upgrade includes not only the ‘strengthening’ of the bullet hinge welding to our 18 vehicular swing gates (which will unfortunately leave the new galvanised angles and repairs etc. looking unattractive for a good few weeks before permitted to be primed and painted), but also the installation of new charcoal grey PPC aluminium doors to our guardhouses … to facilitate the imminent locking/securing thereof to totally deny pedestrian access and egress, i.e. pedestrians will ONLY be admitted via the turnstile gates.  We are also in the process of investigating alternatives/options for security gates to the guardhouse entrance doors, off the visitor’s lane.


If you’re experiencing intermittent problems with the biometric scanner reading your <previously ok> finger print, it can apparently be attributed to 1) dryness, or 2) the cold, since a ‘dead’ finger won’t register.  The problem with rubbing your finger on your pants to warm it up is that you’ll also make it dry!  Short of sitting on your hand and driving single-handedly <not recommended 😉>, a solution is supposedly to put your finger really close to your mouth and blow on it … thereby not only making it moist, but also warming it up; otherwise try pressing your finger down slightly firmer on the reader…


September is arriving and spring is in the air! So much happens in the garden during this beautiful time of the year.

  • Prune away all dead, weak and crossing stems from roses.
  • Spray weeds, incl. in paving etc. PLEASE!
  • Prune back spring flowering shrubs immediately after they have finished blooming.
  • Keep an eye on topiaries as the quick spring growth can affect their shape.
  • When your lawn starts to look a little too high, give it a mow with the blades set on high, i.e. don’t cut short. Apply lawn fertiliser at the recommended rate after reading the instructions.
  • Water spring flowering shrubs like azaleas and deutzias to ensure a good show.
  • Deadhead pansies and violas, so that they will continue to bloom through to November.
  • Stake alstroemerias and other perennials which have a tendency to fall over.
  • Allow Daffodils and Narcissus to die down naturally and go brown; thereby forming next year’s flower bulb.
  • Repot any pot plants that look as if they could be ‘root bound’, eg. roots are growing out of the drainage holes. Either remove a little of the topsoil and replace with new potting soil, or completely repot if necessary.
  • After doing this, water the plant sparingly, so that the plants do not rot before they have started rooting. Never fill the pot plant up to the rim of the pot with soil, always leave space for watering.


Just in case you want to get “out ‘n about”, below please find a link to “What’s Happening in the Area”…


Everyone’s learning curve has been near vertical during the upgrade of our security systems, including Servest security, whose officers have had to learn ‘on the fly’, e.g. use of handheld scanner/phone for contractor entry and exit via QR Codes, guidance on use of code/pin for first time visitors who’ve received invitation from resident etc.

In light of ongoing verbal and recent <second time, believe it or not!> physical abuse of a security officer (S/O), we find it necessary to advise that the abuse of staff simply WON’T be tolerated, i.e. besides appropriate action taken by the HOA, we will also highly recommend a charge is laid with SAPS.

We again request residents contact the Estate Office with any/all questions because <communication barrier notwithstanding> we’ve learnt that the easiest way for a security officer to ‘get rid of someone’ is to give either the easiest answer, or the one that’ll reduce the risk of a follow-up question, both of which unfortunately are incorrect more often than not!

PLEASE ask to speak to the Security Site Senior on duty, or contact the HOA immediately you’ve an issue with a S/O, bearing in mind the ‘instructions’ they’re permitted to take from a resident are limited, hence the Resident’s Message Book at each gate, in which one can record an instruction/request!


We’d like to extend our sincere thanks to the Trustees and Octotel ISP’s (Internet Service Providers) who made the above-mentioned possible on Sat. 18th Aug!

We were not only pleased to learn residents are finding the Visitor Register app. easy to use, but also trust all questions were answered to your satisfaction now that the Octotel fibre is ‘lit up’/live on Blouberg Hills Estate and Openserve/Telkom has been servicing Sandown Estate for well over a year already.  The HOA is excited by the prospect of providing Sandown Estate residents an alternative to Openserve FTTH via Octotel, who should commence trenching etc. there as soon as we’ve signed off on their Blouberg Hills installation.


Please be advised that the likes of the below is NOT permitted on our Estate, i.e. rather than ‘get in trouble’ with us please insist that all FTTH trunking is buried or fully concealed internally etc. upon order already; failing which by all means give the HOA a call in the Estate Office for a site visit when faced with the “but there’s no other way to do it!” excuse from an installer itching to get off site!


HOA Estate Office (Markus & Lesley) – (021) 554 0865
Security Control Room (24/7) – (021) 554 1430
HOA Administrators (Cape Classic) – (021) 702 4489

Table Talk/Tygerburger

Every Wednesday, the above-mentioned periodicals are delivered to the 3 gate houses. Please remember to ask security for same BEFORE placing your finger on the finger print reader, otherwise the gates will start closing on your vehicle.

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