April 2018 Estate Message

Familiarity Breeds Contempt

Unfortunately the Security Portfolio has recently received a flurry of complaints regarding Security Officers (S/O’s) being overly friendly or familiar with residents and/or visitors. Upon investigation we’ve determined that it’s predominantly the S/O’s who’ve been here the longest, i.e. re-employed by Servest from Recall … which has in turn rubbed off on a few of the newer S/O’s. Understandably this relationship is a two-way street and once familiarity sets in and/or lines are crossed it’s very difficult to back-pedal without being perceived as rude; however we respectfully request of our residents that you revert to a firm yet polite ‘business’ arrangement with our S/O’s entailing pretty much only greeting back and forth, and if you’d prefer a S/O greet you by your surname (since it’s their surnames on their name badges), please convey this to him/her! Servest and your Board of Trustees views this in a VERY serious light so PLEASE don’t hesitate to let the HOA know IMMEDIATELY (message Markus even!) when you, your child, or a visitor has had an ‘uncomfortable’ experience or interaction with Security, and preferably provide his name/surname for easier identification!

The first time one of the S/O’s got drunk (and fired) because of alcohol provided him by a homeowner, we chalked it up to ignorance, however it happened again during the last spate of public holidays and the 2x guilty S/O’s have been fired! If it was the resident’s intention to get these hapless gents fired, then mission accomplished, however for reasons too numerous to mention, we’d really prefer the Security Officers in charge of your (and your children’s) security and well-being are sober when faced with this responsibility!

Non-Potable Water Signage

The HOA recently designed and purchased attractive 150x150mm (i.e. small) “Non-potable water in use. Do not drink!” signage for residents using ‘alternate’ water on their properties. Please contact the HOA for yours asap, thereby saving us from writing letters reminding residents of Clause 6.0 a) (i) of the Estate Rules which reads “Unless supplied by the HOA and/or approved in writing by the HOA in advance of installation or display, no signage or advertising is permitted on any plot, house or common or public property“. Please be advised that this rule ALSO applies to the armed response etc. signage/boards on numerous residents’ walls, i.e. if you have any visible please be sure to remove them asap…

Street Lights on the Estate

A big thank you to residents who let us know when there’s a streetlight on the estate that needs an electrician or simply a new bulb.  Security’s Nightshift Report normally records this, but faulty day/night sensors sometimes mess with our/their heads, so please don’t stop reporting these faulty lights!

Winter Preparation Tips

  1. Clear gutters and drains of detritus like fallen leaves etc;
  2. Cover swimming pool (if not already done so for the drought!) to cut down on time spent skimming and vacuuming;
  3. Safeguard against soil erosion from the likes of outlet pipes by installing a diffuser/spreader on the end;
  4. Stake weak-stemmed trees and affix with the likes of pantyhose (preferably old ones!) in the shape of a figure 8, to limit wind damage to young plants;
  5. Consider investing in an SABS-approved water storage tank … but please first consult the Estate Office regarding colour, location, height, modification of downpipes etc.

Speedy Gonzales

Unfortunately we’ve had an unprecedented number of complaints about speeding on our Estate! PLEASE remind your children, visitors, deliveries etc. of our 20km/hr speed limit and the very important fact that pedestrians enjoy precedence over vehicles on our Estate roads!!

YOUR Estate Rules

Your Estate Rules has undergone a few necessary revisions incl. no more Sunday Show Houses etc. Please don’t hesitate to contact the HOA if you never received the email from our administrators (Cape Classic) on Thurs. 29th Mar. 2018 … failing which by all means please peruse them at leisure via the following link to our Website: http://bigbayhoa.co.za.www2.cpt3.host-h.net/residents/rules-regulations/
If requested the current password is mountain


HOA Estate Office (Markus & Lesley) – (021) 554 0865
Security Control Room (24/7) – (021) 554 1430
HOA Administrators (Cape Classic) – (021) 702 4489

Table Talk/Tygerburger/Easi Ads

Every Wednesday, the above-mentioned periodicals are delivered to the 3 gate houses. Please remember to ask security for same BEFORE you swipe your access card, otherwise the gates will start closing on your vehicle.

Advertising in our Monthly Estate Newsletter

If you are interested and/or would like to advertise in our monthly Estate Newsletter (discount provided for residents), please contact Lesley at the Estate Office (bigbayinfo@telkomsa.net)