Extrovert, philanthropist and fashion lover Reyjeane Haroun’s approach to design is as glamorous as she is

Every day is an occasion for Reyjeane Haroun. A woman who believes in always presenting her best self, she is the poster child for the 21st-century woman: someone with both style and substance, ambition in spades and a heart of gold.

Her design studio, Maison Reyjeane (one of three businesses she has started), specialises in bespoke interiors for a range of clients – she has designed everything from offices to embassies to private residences. “My dream project for this year would be a boutique hotel,” she says.

“I would describe my style as abundant. No matter the budget or whatever the restrictions, a good designer can find ways to give any space a feeling of abundance. Everyone deserves to live beautifully.”

The projects Reyjeane has undertaken reflect her love of layers and luxury in her choice of finishes and fittings. Her strong attention to detail and ability to conceptualise high-end spaces for both specific clients and developers has put her in a niche category of designer. Every little aspect is important in terms of the overall effect and energy of a space. “I am obsessive about detail,” she says. “From the scent to the textures, every aspect needs to complement the others and leave you with an impression; it must evoke a response in you.”

Reyjeane’s own home in Green Point, which she describes as her sanctuary, is a testament to her skills, her ability to balance a mix of contemporary and classic elements, and her use of feng shui. It is at once luxurious and laid-back – her pugs are allowed on all the furniture. “I don’t save anything for ‘best’, so I will use my fine crystal or crockery every day. I always decant my wine into a beautiful decanter, and I light all the candles and burn incense every evening, because my outlook is that life must be enjoyed and lived; every day is a special occasion.”

Considering this sensual appreciation and her tendency towards perfectionism, it’s no wonder Reyjeane names Tom Ford as her design icon. “Because design spans interiors, clothing, set design and architecture, there are many people whose work inspires me,” she says, “but Tom Ford’s work ethic, how he strives for a certain level of excellence, really resonates with me.”

This approach extends to all spheres of her life, not just design. An actress by training, she also has a production company, Reydiant Pictures Productions, which develops film projects for local and international markets, and a female empowerment organisation called Rey of Hope, which places
young women in businesses within her personal network to do internships with a view to being permanently employed.

Reyjeane has always enjoyed interior design, even though film was her first love. Realising that there wasn’t just one route to achieving her goals, she’s found a way for all her ventures to support one another. Design has satisfied her creative and business sides, and afforded her the opportunity to make her film dreams a reality too – she funds those projects via her interiors business.

“You just need to be adaptable,” she says. “And if you want something badly enough, it won’t matter how long it takes you to get there, because the time will pass anyway.”

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