Secret Garden

Sep 26, 2017 | Design and Decor, Featured, Features

How much time do you spend savouring your garden? Garden Day on 15 October encourages us to appreciate our personal patch of the outdoors



It’s spring and to celebrate all the bright blossoms and new blooms, we encourage you to go outside and enjoy your garden on Garden Day, Sunday 15 October.



Whether it’s cutting, pruning, mowing or sowing, your garden requires tender care and work all year round.



It’s high time to sit back and appreciate the fruits of your labour; it’s good for the soul. That could mean inviting friends for tea in the spring sunshine, organising dinner club outdoors – and including an ingredient (or two) from the garden in your dish – or organising a treasure hunt for the kids.

For inspiration, more about Garden Day and a video showing you how to make the gorgeous floral crowns pictured here, visit The health benefits of gardening can be viewed here.

Credit: Photographs: Alma Haser, Text: Kirsty Wilkins